May 17, 2012

Jerking while driving

Now that summer's finally here, I love driving around in just a pair of gym shorts, pulling them down and stroking my cock while driving around.  It can be daylight, nighttime, deserted road or crowded interstate... I just love getting my cock hard and pulling out my meat.  Here's a video from a while ago of me jerking while driving home from work


Also getting back into freeballing.  I've never worn underwear with jeans, but lately I'm starting to go commando in my slacks to work too.  Havent' had the balls to go to the gym sans undies... but maybe soon.

Finally, as the weather is finally nice, I thought maybe some pics from some beach boys would be appropriate today.  Now, I LOVE to see a guy's ass, bent over and waiting with his cock and balls hanging, the whole package waiting for my mouth and cock... so these first few pictures are definitely my favorites... YUM YUM YUM!

Doesn't that just beg for a tongue???

Nothing like freeballing and pulling ur cock out on a warm sunny day


  1. LOVING the video!!! Did anybody see you doing it?

  2. please remove my photo, it is the 7th from the bottom, blue boxers black beater. or i will have to take legal actions. i did not give you consent to publish my photo for your sick personal reasons. so i am kindly asking you to remove my photo.